Here are just a few of the questions that we are regularly asked at Pure Glow, if there is any other query that you have or information that you request then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either by way of the contact form on this website or by telephone.

The heat source you can have in your home is largely dependant on the type of chimney you have. There are three typical types of chimney and flue found in houses at the moment, these are the conventional chimney, the pre-fabricated flue and the pre-cast flue. Please check your own requirements with your fireplace retailer or installer.

Class 1

These are commonly found in older houses (pre-1960) and are identifiable by a 7″ (180mm) or greater diameter flue. Prior to installation of a new fireplace, an existing flue must be structurally sound and checked for blockages.

Class 2

pre-fabricatedThese are found either in an older house where the existing flue has been lined with a proprietary steel flue or in a newer house with a steel flue built in. Identifiable by a 5″ (130mm) or greater diameter flue and a steel flue terminal.

Class 2 – pre-cast

Many newer properties that do not have chimneys are fitted with pre-cast flues made from hollow concrete or clay blocks. These travel vertically up through the cavity wall of the property to a ridge vent or metal flue terminal on the roof.

No chimney required

Modern houses often have no chimney and one option is a to consider our highly efficient PureGlow flueless gas fires or one of our balanced flu models. Another option is an electric fire which can be located in virtually and room in the house.

Cast Iron

Non painted or lacquered  cast iron products will have a protective oil based coating applied to polished surfaces. This should be cleaned off during installation. It is recommended that a spray-type oil is applied occasionally to discourage rusting. Ensure that your room is thoroughly dry before installation. Under no circumstances should a water based cleaner or polish be used to clean cast iron products.


Limestone is naturally porous, so all aegean limestone surrounds need to be sealed to avoid staining. Once installed and dry, surfaces should be cleaned and sealed  using suitable limestone sealing solution. Protect the surface from coloured liquids such as fruit juices and red wine. In the event of an accident, use a specialist cleaning and resealing kit.

Marble should be protected from comimg into contact with strong coloured solutions and citrus juices. To maintain the subtle shine of the surface, occasionally wipe over with a solution of general household cleaner and buff with a soft dry cloth. Do not use any bleach or abrasive cleaning agents.

Veneered MDF

As this material is not resistant to very hot items, we recommend that it is not used in conjunction with any solid fuel fires. To clean, dust occasionally with a soft drycloth. Avoid silicon based sprays.

Gas Fires

A gas fire is a technical piece of equipment and, just like a gas boiler, needs regular servicing. Please have your gas fire serviced by a Gas Safe™ Register (Board Gais in ROI) registered installer.

Please be advised that the guarantee only covers gas products purchased on or after 1st February 2009 and electric products from our Premier Plus range purchased on or after 1st September 2009. For all gas fires purchased, the guarantee commences from the date of purchase, provided that the following 3 terms and conditions are adhered to.

1.Any claim made within the warranty period of a product will require provision of proof of purchase.

2.Your gas fire must have been commissioned by a competent person – up to the 31st March 2009 a CORGI qualified engineer. From the 1st April 2009, Gas SafeTMregistered operatives are the only class of person considered competent by the HSE under the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1998. Evidence of this must be provided together with the CORGI or Gas SafeTMregistration number.

3.Your gas appliance must have been serviced annually by a competent person (see point 2 above), evidence of which must be provided.

Consumable items such as any ceramics including; coals, pebbles, the matrix, front strips, side cheeks, rear panels, tapered rear panels and decorative items are not covered by the guarantee.

For all electric fires purchased, the guarantee commences from the date of purchase. Electric fires must be installed as per our recommendations stated in the installation manual.Consumable items such as any coals, pebbles and decorative items are not covered by the guarantee. This guarantee excludes any unfitting or refitting cost incurred.

If you do wish to make a claim under our guarantee and all the terms and conditions for your product have been met then please submit the following details by e-mail, fax or post:
1. Name, address, post code and telephone number
2. Receipt of purchase or Bank / Credit card statement
3. Original installer’s CORGI or Gas SafeTM registration number (gas fires only)
4. Annual service receipt for each year after 12 months (gas fires only)

For E-MAIL submissions, please scan in your documentation and send it to Alternatively, fax your documentation to 01384 897728 for the attention of the warranty and service department. The statutory rights of the consumer are not affected.

Please use our dealer finder to locate a stockist near you, contact details can be found on the dealers page of this website.

1. Prices
A. Prices charged will be those at the time of delivery as shown in our price list. or as a quotation. We reserve the right to adjust prices without prior notice. Clerical errors are subject to correction (without prior notification),
B. In the case of items manufactured to customer’s own special requirements, we reserve the right to charge a deposit at the time of placing an order.
C. All orders having a total value of £75.00 or less, including VAT, may be subject to a £10 minimum order charge.
2. VAT
A. VAT will be charged at the rate ruling at the time of delivery.
3. Delivery
A. Shortages: all shortages must be reported within 3 days of delivery of goods. Total non-delivery of goods must be reported immediately upon receipt of invoice.
B. Any delivery days quoted are genuine forecasts but shall not be legally binding on the supplier.
C. Timed deliveries cannot be arranged.
D.In the event of the supplier being unable to supply goods subsequent to receiving an order from the buyer, the supplier shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential loss.
E. It is the buyer’s responsibility, regardless of delivery address, to ensure the goods are as ordered and they are of satisfactory quality.
F. The supplier strongly recommends that the buyer checks correct description and quantity on goods delivery notes. In the event of any discrepancy whatsoever, the buyer must notify the supplier within 3 days of arrival of consignment, as stated on our delivery notes, and before the goods are processed in any way otherwise no responsibility can be accepted for any claims.
G. Upon acceptance of deliveries the buyer must sign the suppliers or carriers delivery note. Should examination at the time of delivery not be possible, the delivery note must be signed unchecked on order for any subsequent claim to be acceptable for damage in transit. Claims for loss or damage must be made within 3 days of arrival of consignment, informing the supplier and carrier of the loss or damage involved. Damaged items and packaging must be retained for inspection. The supplier shall not be held liable otherwise.
H. Non arrival of goods dispatched from the supplier, by van or other method, must be notified to the supplier within 24 hours from the quoted delivery date immediately by telephone, fax or mail.
I. In all events, the limits of liability for any fault or defect in the product shall be a sum not exceeding the purchase price of the particular goods, and the supplier shall not be liable for any loss howsoever arising.
J. The supplier will not accept any liability for delays caused by “force majeure” beyond the supplier’s control.
4. Claims
A. All claims must be in writing.
B. Damaged goods: this must be reported as soon as it is known, but no later than 3 days after delivery.
C. Faulty goods: in the case of claim for faulty goods, replacements may be supplied and charged, pending a report from the manufacturer.
5. Cancellation rights and return of goods
A. In the first instance, please refer to your place of purchase.
B. We cannot accept the return of goods which have been specially obtained from the manufacturer.
C. In the case of incorrectly ordered goods, if returned, they must be authorized by the seller who is shown on your original invoice.
D. No goods will be collected by our transport without prior agreement, nor without our collection note.
6. Risk
Until the supplier has been paid in full by the customer for the goods supplied by it and all other balances outstanding to it from the customer at the date such goods are invoiced to the customer have been settled.
A. Such goods remain the property of the supplier, although the risk therein passes to the customer as soon as the goods are delivered to the customer’s premises, and the customer shall indemnify the supplier against any loss or damage thereto.
B. Until such time as property of the goods passes to the customer, the relationship between the supplier and the customer shall be that of bailer and Bailee.
C. The customer agrees to store the goods until title to the goods shall have passed to the customer hereunder in such a way that they are readily identifiable as the property of the supplier.
D. Without prejudice to any other remedies, the supplier may repossess those goods at any time from the customer, and for that purpose the supplier, its agents and servants may enter any premises upon which the goods are on, or reasonably thought by the supplier to be situated.
E. The customer has the right to agree to sell and deliver, or dispose of the goods to any sub purchaser, but any such transaction shall be deemed to be made on behalf of the supplier (but without imposing any liability on the supplier to such sub-purchaser). and the customer shall hold the proceeds thereof, or rights arising there from, against the sub-purchaser for and on behalf of the supplier until such time as the customer shall have made full payment for such goods and immediately upon such sale or disposal, the property rights of the supplier hereunder shall pass to the customer on the condition that he ensures the sub-purchaser pays the purchase price into a separate bank account in the name of the customer.
F. Nothing in these conditions shall confer any right on the customer to return goods supplied by the supplier or refuse or delay payment thereof.
G.In the event of a liquidator or receiver being appointed, we reserve the right to set off any monies owed to this company against any monies owed by this company.
H. We reserve the right to pass on any costs of debt collation which may be incurred by this company.
I. Failure to make payment of our account within our terms may result in the account being suspended, and any goods supplied thereafter will be on a pro-forma basis only.

7. Suspension or termination of any contract
A. If the customer shall in the sole opinion of the supplier be unable or be unlikely to be able to pay any sums he owes the supplier, then the supplier shall (without prejudice to any other rights hereunder) be entitled to demand security prior to delivery, either by payment in cash or by bank guarantee, notwithstanding any terms previously agreed, and in the event that the customer shall be deemed to have repudiated any contract without liability.
B. If the customer commits any breach of these terms and conditions, or of a contract, or if any distress or execution be levied upon the customer or his property, or if shall make or offer to make any arrangements with creditors or commit any act of bankruptcy, or if any petition receiving order in bankruptcy be presented or made against him, or if a receiver be appointed over all or any of the assets of the customer, or if a winding-up order be made against the customer, or if the customer goes into liquidation (otherwise than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation) the supplier shall without prejudice to any other rights and remedies it might have, and without any liability whatsoever have the right forthwith by notice in writing to:
1. Suspend or terminate any contract, or any unfulfilled part thereof.
2. Stop delivery of any goods.
8. Governing law
A. Any contract, and these terms and conditions, shall be governed by English law and any disputes arising in relation to the goods supplied, or the terms of the contract shall be determined by the English courts to whose jurisdiction and decision the supplier and the customer hereby submit.
9. Copy invoicing
A. Charges for copy invoices: requests for copy invoices that are more than 90 days old will be liable to an administration fee of £1.00 10. Guarantee
A. Guarantee covers replacement /repair faulty goods only. No consideration for consequential loss due to re-decoration or reinstallation will be considered.
11. Carrier damage
All carrier damage must be reported within 3 working days.
All prices include VAT and are correct at time of printing (E&OE) and are subject to our standard terms and condition