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Novo 400 Flueless Gas Inset

Novo 400

The flueless Novo 400 is a classic inset design that utilises the benefits of modern catalytic technology. Available in four finishes the timeless minimal lines of the Novo 400 design make it an ideal option for any situation.

The Novo 400 requires no chimney or flue and therefore all of the heat generated is distributed around the room and not lost up the chimney. A 43mm spacer frame is fitted as standard to minimise fitting depth and maximise on installation possibilities. The only considerations when installing this appliance are a minimum room size of 27m3, an accessible gas supply and adequate ventilation (air vent required 100cm2).


Control Type: manual

Output: 2.1kW

 Efficiency: 100%

Fuel Bed: Coal

Air Vent Required: 100mm²


Novo 400 Flueless Gas Inset Instruction Manual

Novo 400 Flueless Gas Energy Rating Label

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